FAQs of Lash Extensions...Policies, Aftercare & More!

Re-Opening Policies 

Park Lane Lashes will be re-opening June 1, 2020. Please click here to read new policies due to COVID-19. 




Lashing: The Process & The Products: 

What Qualities Should I Look for in a Lash Artist? 

Experience, education and attention to sanitation and hygiene are among the many important aspects of any reputable lash artist. Make sure you ask questions about products, process, and how long the artist has been lashing. Check out their online presence with social media, reviews and website, and make sure there are real photos (not stock photos!) posted with their original work. It is important that you choose the right fit for your eyelash extension artist so you are 100% happy with the results, and that your safety is not compromised. Park Lane Lashes maintains the highest in hygiene and sanitation standards to ensure your comfort and safety. Amanda Langan has been lashing since 2017, and is a Certified Lash Artist. This is the studio specialty, and Amanda has had the privilege of working with hundreds of clients to help achieve their goals.  

How are Lash Extensions Applied? 
Special care is taken to ensure you receive a professional, safe and relaxing spa-inspired experience in my studio. Lash extension application is very detailed work. During the lashing process, one single natural lash is isolated with a tweezers in one hand, and a lash extension is applied individually with another pair of tweezers in the other hand, then adhered to the natural lash with a semi-permanent medical grade adhesive that is specifically formulated for eyelash extensions. This is repeated on each of your natural eyelashes. 

What Lash Products Do You Use?
Park Lane Lashes uses faux mink (synthetic) lashes from brands like Bella Lash, Borboleta, Lash Affair, Lash Tavern, Nikki Lash and Sugarlash. All are high-quality and established lash companies that accentuate your eyes, and free you from applying tedious (and expensive!) mascara. 

I do not use real mink lashes for a variety of reasons, including animal cruelty and possible allergic reactions. 

What's the Big Deal About the Lash? 

Your lash look will be tailored to you: your eye shape, face shape and the length and strength of your natural lash. It's important to know there are three factors to know about lashes: there are differences in Curl, the Length and Diameter: 

  • Curl: C-Curl, CC-Curl, D-Curl, DD-Curl, L-Curl, J-Curl and B-Curl

  • Length: 7mm-16mm 

  • Diameter: .10mm to .20mm diameter (thickness)


Keep in mind that with more length and thickness in the lash extension used, comes more weight that is applied to your natural lash. If your natural lash is not strong enough to withstand a heavier weight and longer length, a shorter and thinner thickness will be recommended. 

While most clients want long, thick and full lashes, that isn’t always best, because too much length or too thick of a lash can be damaging to your natural eyelashes. I am careful to “lash map” a plan specifically for your eyes – with careful attention to the safety and integrity of your natural lashes. 

Please note: if you schedule an appointment, and at the consultation it is determined that lash extensions are not an option for you right now, you will be educated with tips to help grow your natural lashes strong enough to apply lash extensions, and can plan to set up a future appointment!

What Kind of Adhesive is Used? 

I am very particular about the quality of products used on clients, only the best quality, professional lash extension adhesive from reputable and professional lash extension companies are purchased. Lash adhesive is a kind of medical-grade adhesive, and I use those that are formaldehyde- and latex/rubber-free. One to two drops of adhesive are used for a full set (because the adhesive needs to be refreshed every hour to ensure optimal bonding), however, each individual lash is dipped carefully in that one drop – no clumps or beads of glue will be visible. 


Lash Extensions: Taking the Leap

So you’ve decided to make your lash appointment! Here are a few details of what to expect:

How Long Are Appointments? 

Due to the detailed nature of the lash extension technique, times are approximate and your patience is appreciated. Typically, an appointment for a full set is booked for two hours. Depending on how many natural eyelashes you have, the time could vary. The more natural lashes you have, the more time it will take to apply extensions. Please feel free to bring earbuds if you wish to listen to your own music or audiobooks during your appointment. Or, use the down-time to relax and take a "lash nap" - many clients do! One specific request: please do not bring children to your appointment. I love kids, but this is not the place for them to be. There is limited space in the lash studio and it is not ideal to leave children unattended. If you do bring children, Park Lane Lashes reserves the right to deny your appointment time and will be happy to reschedule at another time that works for you. 


What Services Do You Offer? 

  • Classic Full Set 

One single natural lash is isolated with a tweezers in one hand, and a lash extension is applied individually with another pair of tweezers in the other hand, then adhered to the natural lash with a semi-permanent medical grade adhesive that is specifically formulated for eyelash extensions. This is repeated on each of your natural eyelashes for a full, dramatic (or natural) look. 

  •  Classic Demi-Set

The same application tehcniques and types of lashes used in a Full Set, but with half the amount. It’s not quite as full, but it’s great for someone who might not have enough time to devote to a Full Set, or would like a less-dramatic, full look. 

  • Bridal Packages: 

Look gorgeous on the most special day of your life and say bye-bye mascara and raccoon eyes! Be free to let the tears of joy flow free when you have lash extensions that will withstand tears! The beauty will continue through your honeymoon, where you will literally “wake up like that (gorgeous!)” and look amazing with zero effort. Please note: while reactions are extremely rare, it is recommended you and your bridal party book appointments a minimum of 4 weeks in advance to your wedding date to ensure a reaction-free and comfortable experience. Click here for Bridal Package details. 

  • Lash Extension Fills 

Eyelashes shed naturally – and the eyelash extensions applied will shed according to your natural eyelash shedding cycle. Fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking their best. At a Lash Fill appointment, I will prime and clean your lashes, offer an optional Lash Detox (which is a deeper clean with a special brush and foamy, tear-free lash cleanser by Bella Lash, for a small add-on fee.) I will remove any lash extensions that have shed, and remove any lash extensions that are grown out or ready to shed. Depending on how much work there is to do, it can take anywhere from an hour to an hour-and-a-half to complete. 

  • Eyelash Extension Removal

If you decide that you’d had your fun and would like to be done, I can remove your lashe extnsions with a special gel remover that will safely remove the extensions from the natural lashes without harming your natural lashes. 

How Do I Get Ready For My Lash Appointment?  

Preparing for Your Appointment

Your first Full Set or Demi Set appointment will be booked for two hours. This is to provide enough time for you to complete paperwork, have a full consultation to discuss your lifestyle and expectations, lash mapping and to apply the lashes. 

  • Do not wear any makeup – especially eye makeup or mascara. Mascara must be removed before extensions can be applied. If you wear eye makeup/mascara, your appointment will take longer, because it will take time to remove and prime your lashes. This will increase the length of your appointment, and you will be charged an additional fee accordingly. 

  • Do not wear contact lenses. It is ok to wear your eyeglasses.

  • If you are not feeling well with a cold, cough or other ailment, please consider rescheduling your appointment to avoid spreading illnesses.

What Are Your Cancellation Policies? 

A 24-hour cancellation notice is required. All policies are listed on the Services page. If you wish to book an appointment and the time you need is not available online, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you. This is my personal business, and I am the only employee at Park Lane Lashes. I have chosen this career for the creativity of the beauty industry and work-life-balance. At this time, I only offer limited evenings so I am able to spend time with my family. I do, however offer daytime and Saturday appointments. 


After Lashes: What's Next

Aftercare/After Your Appointment: 

  • Do not get your eyelashes wet for 24 hours to allow the adhesive to completely dry. Even though the adhesive bonds in 1-2 seconds of application, it requires a full 24 hours to completely cure. 

  • Avoid steam/saunas/excessive heat or humidity for two days. This may cause the bond to weaken.

  • Avoid excessively rubbing your eyes or playing with your lashes. It’s going to take a lot of willpower, but fight the urge to touch them! Manipulating your lashes can make them fall out prematurely.

  • Try to sleep correctly. If you sleep face-down, your lashes may become twisted or tangled – or even fall out! Sleeping on your back is preferred, but if you choose to sleep on your side, just make sure that your lashes are hanging off the side of the pillow.

  • Do not use an eyelash curler.

  • Do not use any oil-based eye makeup remover.

  • Do not use mascara. You won’t need to, and it defeats the purpose of having extensions (so you don’t have to use mascara)

  • Do use cleanser to clean your lashes often. 

It is the goal of Park Lane Lashes to enjoy your beautiful lashes as much as possible. Please remember to review aftercare instructions so you get the most out of your lash look! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call - I want you to be completely happy with your experience. 

About Lash Growth

Eyelashes are made of keratin, which is a protein that is affected by diet, unhealthy habits, hormone levels, and stress. The best way to help your lashes grow is to eat a balanced diet and live a healthy lifestyle. There are several lash serums on the market that contain peptides and help stimulate the growth of your natural lash, and can be used alone or with lash extensions.

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